McLaren will create NFT luxury supercars

McLaren Automotive plans to create a trading platform

McLaren Automotive plans to create an NFT marketplace that will include access to exclusive features for its customers.

McLaren Automotive will create and mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its luxury supercars in partnership with metaverse infrastructure platform InfiniteWorld.

The company announced on Tuesday that the British automaker plans to create a marketplace for selling NFTs that will also give owners access to exclusive features.

He works with InfiniteWorld, a metaverse infrastructure provider that helps brands create and monetize digital assets and improve user and fan experiences.

InfiniteWorld announced plans to go public in December through a $700 million merger with Special Acquisition Company (SPAC) Aries I Acquisition Corp. The newly formed company will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker “JPG”.

McLaren Automotive is part of the same family as McLaren Racing’s Formula One racing team, which is also active in the digital asset industry. In June, the team announced plans to build an NFT platform on Tezos.

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