2022 Trends: Selling NFTs Will Become Easier, Buying Harder

Working with an NFT project is, first of all, a team work, with its own specifics and nuances, it cannot be done alone, and every talented (or not so) artist or creator of any digital content always has a team in which the profit from the sale of NFT is distributed in equal shares , and if you do not want to share profits, then pay for the service – this is the market standard that you need to not only understand, but also know how to use it.

But to implement any standards, you need a toolkit, and Mintable is starting to offer this toolkit, answering the question: how to study millions of NFTs before buying? – which opens up the possibility of the “right” choice for the NFT buyer and an effective channel for the NFT seller.

Mintable, a Singapore-based non-fungible token (NFT) platform backed by Mark Cuban, aims to become the world’s largest NFT marketplace by cataloging all NFTs ever minted on Ethereum as part of a major platform upgrade.

NFT platform Mintable

According to Mintable, users will have access to the largest and now most organized inventory of NFTs, which are ERC-721 tokens in the metaverse, from NFTs created in the past on Ethereum, as well as new NFTs once minted on-chain.

According to the company, Mintable currently has 300,000 users, with roughly six to ten million unique monthly visitors to the site.

In July, Mintable closed a $13 million Series A funding round with Hong Kong blockchain gaming and NFT company Animoca Brands and blockchain payment company Ripple Labs among the investors.

Growth in NFT sales

NFTs have seen massive growth this year.

According to DappRadar, NFT trading volume was $10.67 billion in the third quarter of 2021, up 704% from the previous quarter. Ethereum-based NFT accounted for 78% of the volume.

Profile NFTs – or avatars – are the most popular NFTs at the moment, and there is no indication that the NFT market will decline anytime soon.

Over the next year, we will continue to see the same growth in NFT sales as this year, and this is absolute madness – people need confidence and reliability in uncertainty, even if in illusions, and this is a fact.

NFT Rarity Estimation

The platform update – now live – also introduces a “rarity meter” powered by a proprietary algorithm that rates NFTs for their rarity and uniqueness when such data is available.

NFTs are rated as:

  • are common,
  • unusual,
  • rare,
  • super rare,
  • insanely rare
  • and “holy grail”

according to their attributes, allowing traders and collectors to better determine the value of NFTs before buying.

Users can now also see NFT transaction history and seller reviews.

Mintable Rarity Meter
New features of NFT platform Mintable
The host of new features also includes allowing NFT buyers and sellers to send messages directly to each other on the platform.

What was once a mosh pit of 10 million NFTs is now organized into over 400 sub-categories – from collectible avatars to pop art and punk music – to help users browse and find NFTs according to their interests.

Mintable’s goal was to bring NFTs to more creators and collectors.

We want to make sure we are moving the NFT space forward with these progressive features that we believe are a requirement for the NFT space.

The new features are designed to make it easy for experienced NFT traders and new users to find information about NFTS without having to spend hours researching.

We present more information because you must be empowered when you are on the page in order to make an informed decision.

In some cases, you spend more money than it costs to buy a car… And so we want to provide the best, because you make a purchase of 20, 50, 100 thousand dollars – you need to know everything.

Leadership in the NFT platform market

The NFT industry has so far been dominated by OpenSea, with a market share of over 90%.

Perhaps Mintable’s move to bring all NFTs to Ethereum, including the popular CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club collectibles, will bring more users to Mintable on their platform.

What do NFT sellers want?

NFT sellers will want to have an account on Mintable and OpenSea as they will have a better chance of someone buying it and Mintable’s new search algorithm will also likely see a high conversion rate for sales.

Mintablees hopes its months-long platform upgrade will make a difference for the company in terms of user growth and trading volumes.

Many people make their very first crypto steps and their first blockchain steps through NFTs.

In fact, on Mintable, 20 to 30 percent of our users are completely new to cryptocurrencies.

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