4ARTechnologies Introduces NFT Marketplace for Physical and Digital Artworks

4ARTechnologies has announced the launch of the 4ART marketplace for NFT and digital art. The 4ART Marketplace is a platform where you can offer and trade NFTs in just a few clicks, and it provides artists and collectors with the safest way to transact with ease.
With the new international NFT marketplace, the 4ARTechnologies ecosystem has grown even more extensive. To meet high standards of security and transparency, only NFTs issued by 4ART can be traded on the Integrated Marketplace. Kai Ze, CTO of 4ARTechnologies, said the technology allows artists and collectors to easily and securely trade non-fungible tokens of copyrighted works of art.

Features and benefits of the 4ART ecosystem include the following

Coins and back up genuine NFTs in a few clicks on any device
Transactions without the need for an additional cryptocurrency wallet
Offers and the ability to buy directly from the integrated marketplace
Porting NFT to other marketplaces like OpenSea, Nifty, Binance or Tezos

The marketplace will feature NFT artwork created by 4ART user artists as well as renowned craftsmen such as Noah Becker.
The ability to release and trade NFT 4ART will be available to select artists in July, and the full capabilities and marketplace will be available to all users by the start of the next art market season in August 2021.

About 4ARTechnologies

With the aim of protecting the cultural heritage of art for future generations and making the global art market digital, 4ARTechnologies is setting a new digital standard for the art world. The company combines blockchain with patented technology and offers greater transparency, security and efficiency to all participants in the art world.

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