5 NFT Companies You Should Know About in 2022

An intriguing turn of events has recently boosted NFT’s prominence dramatically. For example, several companies and major figures in the crypto industry have used NFTs to mitigate the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Another NFT-related event that has gone viral recently was the release of the song We’re All Gonna Make It (WAGMI). Unless you live in a cave, when you read the title of the song, you will already mentally hear the voice of Randy Zuckerberg. The work of the sister of the founder of Facebook was aimed at educating people about the NFT.

At these events, among others, the subject of NFTs was casually brought up at dinner tables. Needless to say, they fanned the flames of the growing NFT mania. This means that with the growing popularity of NFTs, NFT companies also deserve more attention. Whether you’re here just out of curiosity or because you’re an investor, there are a few things you can take into account.

So, get your fountain pen ready. Let’s talk about some of the coolest NFT companies that you can hear a lot more about this year.

But wait… what are NFT companies?

Many of those who work in the NFT space have learned about NFT companies through blockchain games. These include games like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Pegaxy, and Thetan Arena. There are also NFT companies that deal with NFT art collections and even real assets.

They do much more than just create NFTs and build NFT projects. They are also working with other NFT companies to develop the next generation digital space, i.e. web3. We can talk about this another day. The bottom line is that these NFT companies exist to help expand the metaverse.

5 NFT companies to look out for this year


Enjin offers an entire ecosystem of products and solutions that make it easy to use NFTs. The company serves three main classes: individuals, businesses and developers.

For example, Enjin offers the Enjin Wallet to individuals. It is a blockchain and crypto wallet that resides on your phone, be it Android or iOS. Using a wallet makes it easy to manage NFTs and crypto assets.

Meanwhile, Enjin has also created business solutions using blockchain technology. With Enjin software, founders can use NFT to grow their business. They can work with Enjin to create, manage and monetize NFTs that represent their brand.

Moreover, Enjin loves to make life easier for developers. The company provides development tools that help build NFT-based projects. These tools do not even require previous experience in blockchain coding.

Gala (Gala Games and Gala Music)

This company started with Gala Games. Her goal was to create blockchain games that people really love to play. Their motto “Fun first” makes their games appealing even to beginners. They also delivered on the promise of making players the true owners of whatever they win in the game.

Because they were true to their word, Gala Games grew and satisfied more and more fans. Gala soon expanded enough to launch Gala Music. Music platform NFT welcomes both artists and fandoms. On Gala Music, singers or bands can upload NFT music tracks. Fans can buy these NFTs and earn real rewards from the artist.

Both Gala Games and Gala Music run on decentralized “Nodes”. By purchasing a license for the Node software, you are helping the operation of the entire Gala network. Essentially, you host music or a game on your site. By having a node, you also get the opportunity to receive rewards, such as Gala Music tokens.

Larva Labs

Larva Labs is a mobile software development company based in New York. It was founded in 2005 by John Watkinson and Matt. This company mainly develops apps for iOS and Android devices. It may be doing great in the applications department, but the company is far more notable for its NFT projects.

These include NFT Profile Picture Collection (PFP) on Ethereum, CryptoPunks. This project has generated over $1.75 billion in trading volume to date. Other NFT projects on the list also impress with their quality and popularity. We’re talking about Meebits, an NFT collection of unique 3D characters, and Autoglyphs, the first generative art on the chain.

The two founders have longstanding client relationships with some of the best companies in the world such as Google and Microsoft. Since their designs are quickly coming to market, we can expect a lot more from this company.

Yuga Labs

Next on the list is Yuga Labs, the creator of CryptoPunks’ mortal enemy, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Well, sort of. CryptoPunks may be older than BAYC, but he’s still brash enough to still pit Ape NFT’s art collection head-on. They often trip each other up at every opportunity.

In any case, Yuga Labs also owns another set of NFTs called Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). This is the highlight of BAYC. MAYC features 20,000 mutant monkeys created by exposing a bored monkey to a vial of mutant serum. Both collections of NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded only in 2021, Yuga Labs is relatively new. In this regard, it is understandable why the company’s current portfolio contains only BAYC and MAYC. But if (or when) they create another NFT collection, you will definitely be the first to know if you follow us or subscribe to our newsletter.

Cool Cats

Founded by 4 crypto nerds, Cool Cats is a gift to cat lovers and NFT geeks alike. What started out as a collection of NFT cartoon cats slowly evolves into Cooltopia. It’s a gamified ecosystem that has everything related to Cool Cats. In addition, Cooltopia includes how cute NFT cats can interact and have future use cases.

Whether it’s a good investment or not, Cool Cats executives say, is up to you. One of the great things about Cool Cats is how they reward their community. If someone comes up with a cool idea to make Cool Cats even cooler, they will be rewarded. Cool Cats is also partnering with TIME magazine for a limited edition release in 2021.

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