9021 is a platform for launching generative art NFT.

The platform was launched on 18 August 2021 with 9,021 unique pieces of generated art on the same pop art theme. Once the first collection of 9,021 pieces is sold out, the second collection will offer a completely different theme, but will still be limited to 9,021 pieces.

The first collection was inspired by Roni Kaufman and originally consisted of only 5,492 pieces, which means that only 3,529 additional pieces will ever exist.

The short-term goal of the 9021 team is to develop a project dedicated to the concept of pop art and transform it into generative visual art.

In addition to the NFT, 9021 will begin printing the physical pieces of its generative art. In fact, for the second collection, 9021 decided to give away 50 such prints, where random owners will receive a physical work of art as a gift.

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