A failed NFT prank resulted in a loss of $150,000.

The creator of the blockchain domain forgot to cancel his bid of 100 ETH when selling it, which he placed for fun

A large NFT collector with the pseudonym Franklinisbored lost about $150,000 due to a joke bet on a domain he registered from the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) service. He created the stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth domain name with a spare account and then placed a 100 ETH bid to buy that domain from his main address.

Franklinisbored wanted to play a joke on ENS Bids, a Twitter bot that reports high domain bids. Before creating the domain, the joker asked his subscribers what phrase or meme should be used in his name.

Soon this domain received a request to buy in the amount of 1.9 ETH, ($2.9 thousand). Franklinisbored quickly accepted the offer and sold NFT. But the collector forgot to withdraw his bet to buy this NFT for 100 ETH, and it worked.

“Wow! Lost 100 ETH. I rejoiced at the joke about the sale, talked about the profit, but because of greed, I forgot to cancel the bid to buy. It will be the joke and the failure of the century. I deserve all the witticisms and criticism,” wrote Franklinisbored.

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