Adobe Behance will start supporting the Phantom wallet

The Behance designer platform will allow Solana blockchain users to showcase their NFTs

Popular among designers, social media platform Adobe Behance has announced that it will begin supporting the Phantom crypto wallet. The integration will allow Behance users to display non-fungible tokens created on the Solana blockchain in their profiles.

Will Allen, VP of Product at Adobe, said in a tweet that the platform’s goal has always been to support creative people. With the help of the platform, many artists have been able to build their careers and become independent. NFT art, says Allen, is an art, and it has a right to exist.

Adobe already had a feature to showcase NFTs issued on the Ethereum blockchain. However, community concern about the amount of energy consumed by this network is growing, as is concern about the size of the commissions. The Solana blockchain has no such problems.

Reports indicate that a single transaction on Solana consumes as much power as a single Google search. At the same time, the commission for transactions remains small. Solana is now considered one of the largest Proof-of-Stake networks.

Last October, Adobe said it would provide artists with the ability to verify they are the creators of digital works of art.

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