AEXLAB VR technology and game development studio is preparing the first issue of NFT

AEXLAB, a technology and video game studio exclusively dedicated to developing innovative virtual reality (VR) capabilities and applications from the ground up, is gearing up to launch its first NFT series.

AEXLAB’s mission is to bring the worlds of NFT and virtual reality together, creating a whole new experience and introducing a whole new level of interactivity for the digital asset class. Their first NFT set, to be released in partnership with Metadrop, will be a series of unique AI-created 3D virtual reality pets known as VAILIENS that will be minted for players in the upcoming first-person tactical game, VAIL. VR.

In addition to being a loyal pet for VAIL VR players who respond to their touch and commands and gain new abilities over time, VAILIENS also provide owners with exclusive privileges. This includes alpha and beta testing capabilities, as well as access to the VAIL VR Social club, an exclusive community of dedicated gamers who work closely with the developers to influence the development of the game.

VAILIENS will be available in a fixed quantity of 13,370. Of these, 10,800 will be minted at the November 30 auction on the Metadrop platform. The rest of the NFTs will be reserved for the first sponsors (1500). Users can register for the sale starting November 15 at

VAIL VR multiplayer servers will launch on November 26th. Between November 30 and December 2, various VAILIEN breeds will be sold at six simultaneous auctions.

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