Airdrop 2022: List of Cryptocurrency and NFT Giveaways

Almost from the moment the first cryptocurrency was launched, new projects began to appear in the world of blockchain, and some of them, in order to quickly promote, scattered their coins to everyone absolutely free of charge. For the same reason, it is now common to distribute NFTs – non-fungible tokens.

The word airdrop refers to the distribution of new coins. Everyone can get it, for this you just need to perform elementary actions – register on the site, keep some coins on hold, share the post on social networks, and so on. Getting free tokens is not difficult, but initially they are of no value. You have to rely only on the future.

On this page, we decided to show you how to get NFT for free. Firstly, such tokens are now in trend. Secondly, they can grow in price in just a couple of months, there are already enough examples.

How much can you earn from NFT and cryptocurrency free giveaways (airdrop)?

The free distribution of NFT tokens, as well as cryptocurrencies, has already made a huge audience rich. A striking example was demonstrated by the developers of the famous Cryptopunks project. After its launch, tokens were given away for free (in 2017). Now their cost is very impressive:

A total of 10,000 pictures sized 24×24 pixels were released. Most of the images came from a generator that combined the parts for the characters. All these files were digitized and transferred to the Ethereum blockchain. It is unlikely that anyone knew for sure that in a few years it would be possible to get 1-30 Ethers for just one such picture. This is not the only example, in terms of sales in this niche, the NBA Top Shot project occupies the first place. Here sports cards are presented in the form of tokens (in video format):

Abroad, collecting such cards is very common. This is something like a digital version, where blockchain provides high security and reliable storage. The cost of one such card can exceed $ 100,000, and judging by how actively transactions are carried out with them, there are enough people who want to make such an acquisition. At the same time, everyone can create an NFT token for free, promotion plays an important role here.

Why do Airdrops?

The success of all projects in the crypto world depends on how many people support them. If no one uses the tokens, and they do not arouse general interest, the developers will not receive funding. There are three main reasons for giving away freebies:

Distribution – all those who receive free tokens have an interest in the project. They want and believe that their assets will appreciate in value. This makes them play games, communicate on official resources, and be active in other ways.

Popularization – firstly, information about free NFTs quickly spreads over the Internet, distribution is told through aggregators and other sites. Secondly, word of mouth is turned on, users themselves share information, experience, and opinion.

Financing – For the development of any project, money is required. By giving away free tokens, developers attract increased attention, including investors. Those who did not have time to collect a freebie, then acquire assets.

Airdrops are powerful advertising, with them you can promote the project as quickly as possible and do not have to spend money. Tokens are distributed to the community that supports the startup, and if things go uphill, everyone benefits from it.

What are Airdrops?

Even before the mass adoption of NFTs, airdrops were already widespread. They were used by the developers of crypto projects during the ICO. As a rule, two main schemes are used here:

Traditional airdrops – when assets are distributed among the holders of some tokens or cryptocurrencies. So it is possible to motivate users to keep the currency in their wallets.

Bounty airdrops – free tokens are distributed as a reward for performing certain actions related to the promotion of the project.
The second option in the field of NFT is more common. The so-called white lists are used, which you first need to get into, then perform certain actions and fill out a special form. In fact, this is not much different from regular bounties.

What do you need to participate in Airdrops?

Distributions are carried out in different ways, somewhere it’s enough just to go to the developer’s website and register, and somewhere you have to be active using different accounts from popular platforms to get a freebie.

What sites are right for you?


  • Telegram – often in tasks you need to go to a channel or chat, subscribe (join).
  • Twitter is a microblogging system used by NFT developers more actively than other well-known social networks. It asks you to subscribe and retweet.
  • Discord is a popular foreign platform among cryptocurrency users. Official communities are created here for almost all NFT projects.
  • YouTube – official videos are posted on video hosting sites, they ask you to support channels with subscriptions, comments and likes.

And of course, you will need an email. Interestingly, it is forbidden to advertise crypto projects and their airdrops on Google and Facebook. This rule is often violated, and you may also need accounts in other services, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and others. – football cards

According to experts, this project has a great future. In the form of NFT, cards with football players are offered here. The system has already been supported by the German football team and Porshe. Users are offered packs containing different sports cards, they can be obtained for free.

Buying and selling is carried out on the internal market for FNC coins. Now you can pick up packs with 7 players absolutely free. As soon as the developers complete everything, these assets will skyrocket in price. What do you need to do to become their owner?

  • Enter your email address on the main page of the site.
  • Find and select a command marked Free.
  • Get players by opening the pack.


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