An ancient noble family from Bohemia issues NFTs to preserve their history

The 27-year-old prince from the Czech Republic aims to preserve his family’s 700-year-old castles and art collections with the help of NFT.

Lobkowicz, a noble family from Bohemia, the westernmost and largest historical region of the Czech Republic, decided to combine the world of ancient art with digital art. The NFT Collection will fund the restoration of ancient castles and the family’s massive collection of rare art.

The auction, which will sell tokens, will take place next month at the Lobkowicz Palace Museum (Prague Castle). It is also known that the Bohemian family during the Second World War lost almost all of their fortune, jewelry, artifacts and part of the castles. It was only in the late 1990s that it was possible to return all this.

An ancient noble family from Bohemia issues NFTs to preserve their history

William Rudolph Lobkowitz, the 27-year-old prince, said the decision was necessary as the most valuable works of art are “desperately in need of restoration.”

Among the family’s 20,000 artifacts are manuscripts by Mozart and Beethoven with handwritten notes, as well as works by Brueghel, Canaletto and Velázquez.

One of the brightest NFTs will be an animated panel depicting Hercules, which changes from destroyed to restored. The original panel hangs on the wall of the Nelahozeves family castle.

Works by several artists based on the family collection will now be sold as NFTs and the artists will receive 50% of the sales, with the other half going towards restoring the most needy artifacts in the family collection.

The upcoming auction will be for a select circle of people. The starting bet will be 400 euros.

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