Antwerp diamond brand, Signum, sells out their shiny rabbit NFTs in 3 minutes!

Just a week ago, HB Antwerp announced the release of the new Signum diamond brand to the Metaverse “Buns.Land” community via NFTs. The Signum’s Bun NFT collection consisted of 12 diamond bunnies that sold out in less than 3 minutes.

Obviously the sale was a great success as each NFT was priced at $ 10K.

What is Signum NFT Bunny Collection?

Essentially, the Signum bunnies’ NFTs belong to the “” metaverse. Where every digital collectible serves a purpose. With this in mind, each NFT depicts a real, high-carat rough diamond. Therefore, owners can exchange their NFT for a diamond.

But that’s not all; NFT collectors can keep, sell or donate their crypto art form to anyone. In addition, lucky owners can expect their NFTs in their Metamask wallets until January 2nd. Collectors can then either keep them raw or reforge them into several diamond NFTs.

Speaking of Metaverse, Shai de Toledo, co-founder of HB Antwerp, said: “With the first releases of Signum and Buns.Land NFT, we are offering open access to the world of rough diamonds as we enter a new era of luxury goods.”

More about the collection “Buns.Land”

To begin with, each NFT drop is a unique 3D bunny representing a rough diamond. Interestingly, each bunny has its own creative name, such as Mother Nature, Robonny, Space Traveler, The Gold Digger and many more.

Signum previously also released a roadmap and promotional video in which they mentioned various details regarding these NFT drops.

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