APENFT announces the launch of the launchpad and the first project

Representatives of the APENFT platform announced the official launch of their launchpad (launchpad), and also announced the first initial game offer (IGO) for the Bunny Planet project. This startup is the winner of the APENFT and TRON GameFi hackathons.

The new product APENFT Marketplace is designed to take the platform to the next level, helping to promote promising startups and build an ecosystem. Bunny Planet will be the debutant of the site. In July-August 2022, the game project will launch the first stage of open beta testing after the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) of the Genesis Bunny NFT series.

The launchpad provides developers with an opportunity for quality project development and funding, as well as an opportunity for early contributors and content creators to look forward to good profits in the future. Thus, the platform will bring together programmers, creators, investors and collectors.

Launched on the TRON network, Bunny Planet is a blockchain game inspired by CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity. All characters are unique, called T.Bunnies, and they can be used in different types of fights. Gamers have the ability to breed and collect them on Bunny Planet’s virtual land, team up in PVP/PVE battles, and more.

The game also features the Destiny mechanism, where members can trade digital characters for unique resources to upgrade teams. Players can also earn bonuses by winning battles or seasonal Play-to-Earn (P2E) tournaments.

Earlier, the Crypto.ru editors reported that the CryptoPunks NFT collection showed a 112% increase in sales over the past month. The minimum cost of a collection item and capitalization also increased by 192% and 96%, respectively.

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