An enchanting festival of culture NF will be held in the city of Sibenik (Croatia)

The event is called “European Web3 SXSW” and will run for three days starting May 11th.

The BlockDown platform invites everyone to purchase NFTs with one of three rarity levels in order to receive a ticket to the festival. Visitors will enjoy musical performances, art events, and conversations with NFT gurus about the metaverse, games, and how NFT is changing people’s lives in general.

In addition, the festival will be the world’s first gamified NFT event, where visitors can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere, earning points as they participate in selected events. The winner will receive an NFT token from BlockDown and access to other platform content.

Ultra ticket holders will have access to exclusive NFT galleries, musical performances, project demonstrations, exhibitions, informative seminars from well-known web3 experts.

Those who purchase “Universal” tickets, in addition to the above, will have access to a number of other exciting opportunities, including a dinner with wine in the Mystic Forest VIP Lounge and a live concert in the medieval fortress of St. Michael.

Representatives of the platform ask everyone to hurry. Since their exclusive hotel is already 50% full during the days of the festival.

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