Attention! South Korean trading network CU hosts NFT White Day raffle

South Korean supermarket chain CU and artist Laylay release series of free NFTs

South Korean supermarket chain CU is holding a free drawing of collectible tokens (NFT) on the occasion of a romantic holiday – White Day (White Day). The holiday is celebrated annually on March 14 in Japan and Korea – on this day, men thank women for gifts received on Valentine’s Day.

CU’s romantic holiday marketing campaign is aimed at attracting the attention of young consumers who are passionate about digital collecting. Popular digital artist Laylay took part in the process of creating the tokens.

Under the terms of the draw, participants will have a chance to win one of the 314 available NFTs after making a purchase in the store. According to organizers, more than 60% of participants in the promotion are clients aged 20 to 30, an age group that covers more than half of South Korea’s 5.58 million active cryptocurrency traders.

Previously, supermarket chain CU increased sandwich sales by 37.4% thanks to a partnership with the MiL.k cryptocurrency project, in which customers received tokens for purchasing a certain line of sandwiches and lunch boxes.

In March, the store will host another event where consumers can win NFTs through the membership app. The company hopes that the release of the NFT will help its app reach more members, encouraging consumer spending and investment, and boosting CU’s brand image.

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