Attention! Tatum’s multi-chain mining feature allows non-cryptocurrency holders to mine NFTs

Tatum launched NFT Express to make it easy for anyone to mine NFTs. This feature of the blockchain development platform opens up the possibility for users to mine without the need to own cryptocurrencies. Not only that, it also allows mining on multiple blockchains.

Benefits for Tatum subscribers. They can enjoy “gasless” NFT mining indefinitely

Tatum subscribers can enjoy “gas-free” NFT mining on five chains
In a nutshell, Tatum’s NFT Express allows users to mine as many NFTs as they want without having to pay to deploy smart contracts.

To clarify, NFT mining on the blockchain usually involves the payment of transaction fees, the so-called “gas” fees. Particularly on the Ethereum blockchain, this can be a major hurdle as gas fees can be incredibly high. Even on blockchains with lower gas fees, this still requires users to have a certain level of cryptocurrency savvy. And, of course, users must have a cryptocurrency that is native to the blockchain they are mining on.

This is where Tatum’s new feature comes in handy. All users are required to have is an active Tatum subscription, which they pay with a bank card. They can then mine as many NFTs as they want. Moreover, they can mine NFTs on five different blockchains. These are Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony and Celo.

Speaking about NFT Express, Tatum CEO Jiří Kobelka said: “Customers have been reaching out to us saying they have tried everything they can to launch their NFT marketplaces… We knew there had to be a better way, and we put our heads together to come up with a solution.”

This new option from Tatum certainly provides a great way for newcomers to the NFT space to try their hand at this space without the big commitment of diving into cryptocurrency.

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