Authors of Space AAA Metaverse with NFT Burning Want to Sell $ 190 Million Assets

Developers of an ambitious project with blockchain, NFT and many titles: from AAA to RTS MMO, solve the main problems of NFT games and show pictures of spaceships

The plans of the authors of the space AAA-metaverse on the NFT

The developers of Imperium Empires describe their project as “the first AAA GameFi 2.0 Space Metaverse [space metaverse] built on Avalanche and a 3rd person [third person] space RTS MMO game.” The project is funded by Avalanche, AVATAR and Avalaunch.

Avalanche is an open, programmable blockchain platform for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications. In turn, “GameFi 2.0” is described as: “the perfect combination of the traditional model” play to earn “with DeFi 2.0”, which provides more opportunities and greater efficiency.

This includes the use of protocols to control liquidity [the ability to quickly and easily carry out certain economic transactions with NFTs], as well as an “innovative bond mechanism” that gives the NFT the properties of bonds [actually IOUs], which increases their value in the game, and the concept the treasury [platform and game revenues go to the same treasury] are also deeply rooted in the economic model.

NFT is a non-fungible token, i.e. “Digital certificate” confirming ownership of the original.

Players in Imperium Empires are said to control the landscape of the metaverse, fight epic space battles, discover new territories and control space regions, become bounty hunters, asteroid mining, guilds, cooperative missions, and many other activities.

They write that this project is the first in the world to use deflationary tokenomics (deflation is a decrease in the general level of prices for goods and services, i.e. the process opposite to inflation).

The developers point out that they solve 4 main problems of NFT games.

  • Poor graphics and gameplay quality – they create an “AAA” quality universe with an experienced game and blockchain development team that has created 8 games with over 7 million players over the past 15 years.
  • Hyperinflationary and Volatile Tokenomics – Offer a unique mechanism for burning NFTs through PvP battles: spaceships can be destroyed to balance the NFT supply.
  • Lack of deep DeFi integration – gamification (the introduction of gaming forms) and connecting DeFi with 3 billion gamers around the world through the game.
  • Lack of gameplay for guilds – introduced the concept of “TeamToEarn”: players compete and earn more in teams, there will be seasonal tournaments for guilds.

Currently, preparations are underway for IDO (a fundraising method in which a crowdsale is carried out through a decentralized exchange), which will take place on December 20.

Several pictures and videos were shown on Twitter, but they have already reported 25,944 registered on IDO and it looks like they intend to sell assets-TVL (the total value of blocked assets) in the amount of 190,640,000 dollars.

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