Baby Sharks From Most Viewed YouTube Video To Be Released On NFT

Creator of the catchy song and dance music video for kids, Pinkfong Baby Shark is launching NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) of its world-beloved characters with updated designs and music.

SmartStudy, a South Korean educational entertainment company and creator of Pinkfong Baby Shark, has announced a partnership with MakersPlace, a digital art marketplace. The NFT series, titled “Baby Shark: Collection # 1”, is set to go on sale December 2. Collectors and NFT fans can now have a look at digital artwork at MakersPlace.

Decorated as holograms, the NFTs combine original Baby Shark characters with fantastic aesthetics and remixes of a catchy melody with a touch of electronics. Bin Chong, CEO of Pinkfong USA at SmartStudy, said:

We are thrilled to offer collectors and fans the opportunity to own a piece of cultural icon through digital art and participate in our journey. For Baby Shark, as an Internet sensation, it is natural progress to adopt NFT. “

SmartStudy’s “Pinkfong Baby Shark Dance” YouTube video is the most watched video on the site with 9.6 billion views. In total, Pinkfong’s videos have amassed over 43.9 billion views on YouTube. This song is also the only RIAA-certified children’s single.

The cultural content industry in South Korea makes extensive use of NFT technology. The four largest K-pop agencies have announced investing or launching their own NFTs. South Korean game developers create NFT games for making money, which are very popular with international users – all blockchain-based games are banned in Korea for reasons of not encouraging speculative behavior.

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