What can be purchased with NFT tokens?

It seems to be a great excuse for NFT enthusiasts to fly to London for drinks offered by one of the bars. Recently, the Eve institution has become the center of attention not only for residents of the UK, but for the whole world … digital. Owner Adam Handling has released a cocktail card, drinks from which can be purchased for NFT tokens.

Visitors will be offered a menu of 13 drinks, 3 of which are brand new. What kind of drinks these are is not disclosed. According to Adam Handling, only he and the buyer will know this information, which makes the drinks the rarest of all presented. With his statement, Adam attracted even more attention from those who wanted to test the innovation as soon as possible.

But this is not the only thing that has intrigued many. NFT drink can be purchased at the largest platform OpenSea.

The benefits of owning a token are that the buyer receives digital proof of ownership of the drink, a recipe card for making the drink at home, and the right to taste several drinks offered by the London bar.

How many drinks you can taste is not known, but most likely it will depend on the price of the purchased token. According to the data, some drinks cost 2 ETH, about $5,000.

More information about the bar can be found on their website. Raise your glasses to NFT cocktails!

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