Beeple artist is giving away physical copies of his early NFTs

Starting this week, Beeple is giving away physical copies of their early NFTs to owners. He announced this yesterday in a tweet.

A popular NFT artist said: “In October 2020, a few weeks before the election, as part of my genesis drop, I released a $1 100-pack edition called Politics is Bullshit. Until now, I have not released a physical (copy).”

Beeple is giving away a free physical copy to holders of the “Politics is Bullshit” NFT. More about it

In a short video posted alongside the tweet, Beeple proudly shows off a physical replica of their NFTs. In addition, each owner will receive a limited and signed edition of the dollar, designed by him. “Politics is Bullshit” is the first NFT he released to show the “absurdity of the state of politics,” he says.

Two years ago, 100 NFTs were sold on Niftygateway for just $1 each. Now their value has increased significantly. At the time of writing, the current minimum price for the Beeple “Politics is Bullshit” collection is 84 Eth.

Beeple says NFTs work like a subscription to art that evolves over time. Proof of ownership serves as a way for the artist to add services such as physical copies and air shipping.

“It’s very exciting to be able to go back and give people who have NFT a physical copy and a way to appreciate this piece of art,” Beeple said.

“That’s what’s interesting about NFT. There’s a way to prove ownership, and you can almost create an art subscription where people can get (more) works of art all the time as they keep those works for a long time.”

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