Binance Labs Will Support the Digital Citizenship Project

Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange division, Binance Labs, has led a funding round for the Lifeform project, which describes itself as a “decentralized visual digital identity (DID) solution provider.”

The project’s current goal is to empower the next billion people in the Web3 space with decentralized digital citizenship.

Lifeform develops technologies such as tools for creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars, decentralized identity systems for Web3 avatars, secure and innovative smart contract solutions, an SDK for the metaverse engine, and much more. And with the introduction of NFT technologies, Lifeform will allow avatars to be transferred to the Web3 space as representations of the user’s personality.

Binance Labs Will Support the Digital Citizenship Project

Moreover, Lifeform will allow you to transfer avatars to the Web2 space. To do this, the company has developed a plug-and-play tool.

Lifeform continues to provide easy-to-use editor tools so users can create and share their content seamlessly. This contributes to the expansion of a thriving community of creators and allows the generation of Web3 intellectual property through technical solutions.

Binance Labs stated that as users move from Web2 to Web3, their online presence will shift from digital simulations to digital natives:

“The technology behind Lifeform gives users a unique way to express their individuality and will ultimately allow them to seek their vision of prosperity in a symbiotic ecosystem.”

Lifeform is about to connect 3D avatars to the current and future metaverse with a simple SDK integration. The latest round of funding should help the company speed up this process.

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