Binance NFT Opens Virtual Headquarters At Blocktopia

Binance NFT announced on Twitter that it will set up a “virtual headquarters at Bloktopia that consists of 100 REBLOKs.” The company promised to give one of them to the winner of the competition for completing tasks in social networks.

Blocktopia is a metaverse project that provides communication channels between users, real estate sales and advertising through a 21-story virtual building. And Binance is announcing a fairly spacious office in this building, of which it promises to allocate a hundredth part to the winner of the competition.

“We will enter the metaverse with a virtual office at Bloktopia. Would you like to win a piece of BinanceNFT headquarters? BinanceNFT House consists of 100 REBLOKs and we are giving away 1 winner! ”Binance said.

Along with this announcement, Binance is publishing the Glam Challenge Task, which requires applicants to subscribe to Binance’s Twitter and Telegram channels, watch a video, and answer a question.

The meta-universe hype was fueled by Facebook’s announcement that the company intends to rebrand it to Meta. The company chose this name (short for metaverse) in order to match the company’s vision of transforming its platform into a kind of digital world with support for NFT. As a result, the tokens of some metaverse platforms increased in value by 100%, which marked the beginning of further interest in social media tokens. This phenomenon has already been dubbed meta-token mania, as prices for some meta-universe tokens have increased several times.

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