Art inside us. Meaning of bioart NTF

The value of modern NTF is no longer only in the beauty of the picture and generative algorithms. Value is determined by imparting meaning to a given NTF.
The content of useful information in NFT bio-pixel is the sequence of amino acids in proteins or nucleotides in DNA or RNA. According to the meaning, after millions of years, the aliens, having found a hard disk from our planet, will be able to restore structural proteins or even whole oranisms using NFT bio-pixel.
Bio pixel is a unique non-duplicated and non-serial NFT. There can be only one NTF and their number is finite.
For example, viroids (microorganisms are smaller than a virus) today are 47 in the NFT. The number of human proteins in NTF is about 300,000. The NFT genomes of viruses are 2500 pieces. The NFT genomes of coronavirus are 7 pieces.
A map of the bacterial genome (BIO-NFT Achromobacter xylosoxidans) was assembled and it turned out to be large for processing by our generative algorithm, we had to collect it from 10 parts.

Which nft to buy, everyone chooses to taste. Nft are not only aesthetics and a beautiful picture. But they can also carry a certain array of useful information from 1 pixel () to genetic sequences (


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