Bluboho NFTs are complemented by a unique sapphire ring

Jewelry company Bluboho has released the world’s first NFT

Bluboho jewelry company has released the world’s first NFTs, which are a unique work of art, complete with a one-of-a-kind sapphire ring from the Bluboho “To the Stars” collection.

Montana-mined sapphires are ethically sourced and hand-cut. Each ring in the collection is completely unique and will never be reproduced.

Each individual piece of digital art is inspired by an extraordinarily beautiful yellow gold stone that tells a love story written by the stars. As you understand, the collection was created for Valentine’s Day.

Each unique NFT artwork is available for purchase on the OpenSea platform and includes an unlockable code to redeem the ring that matches the image. The tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and the carbon emissions have been offset by a donation via Aerial.

The release of the NFT marks Bluboho’s international expansion and the opportunity to grow into an e-commerce empire around the world.

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