Auction NFT to Support Women’s Education in Afghanistan

The blockchain world is renowned for its fundraising campaigns during a humanitarian crisis, whether it’s a power emergency in Texas or the second wave of a pandemic in India.
The platform, based on non-fungible tokens (NFT), is the latest to use innovation to facilitate such efforts. She has started a new partnership with Women for Afghan Women to provide women in Afghanistan with access to education.
There are fears that women in Afghanistan will be deprived of their basic rights under the Taliban regime. Bookblocks partnered with the organization to launch a dedicated NFT program that will benefit the New York-based organization’s efforts to educate and train women in Afghanistan and the United States.
The NFT will be released on October 5, 2021 and features half of a woman’s face, the other half covered by a butterfly wing. The motive, inspired by the American writer Louise May Alcott, is accompanied by the quote “Nothing is impossible for a determined woman.”
To raise awareness of the plight of the 2.2 million girls in Afghanistan who are unable to return to school, announced that 2,200 copies of the NFT will be minted and sold.
Each NFT is issued with a starting price of 0.025 ETH, which costs a little over $ 75. All proceeds from these sales will go towards supporting the organization. According to NFT, the remaining five percent is withheld on each subsequent sale.
When the Taliban controlled Afghanistan in the 1990s, they banned women from receiving education. Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the US withdrawal in August, they decided to return only men to educational institutions. The current situation makes it clear what opportunities NFTs have in supporting relief efforts, making the efforts of and Women for afghan women all the more important.

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