Chotto Matte Launches $1M NFT Including Real VIP Opportunities

It’s official: upscale global restaurant Nikkei Chotto Matte will launch its debut NFT! Accordingly, the collectible chip card will go on sale at the same time as the 2022 Bitcoin Miami conference (April 5).

The Real Benefits of NFTs

Besides outstanding design, NFT will offer impressive real life benefits. From VIP access to a distillery to invitations to Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Chotto Matte, the $1 million digital asset is full of surprises.

Chotto Matte NFTs

Next month, high-end restaurant chain Chotto Matte is releasing its first collectible coin, called the Founder. In fact, NFT is a digital wallet that includes exclusive privileges for its owner. The most notable of these are:

  1. invitations to the opening of a new restaurant;
  2. first class flights and accommodation for official openings;
  3. VIP access to premium distilleries and vineyards;
  4. New Year’s Eve dinner for six anywhere in the world;
  5. Experience working from home with a restaurant executive chef.
  6. In addition, the NFT comes with free tickets for two to one of the top sporting events of 2022, including FIFA, boxing and Formula 1 racing.

The lucky owner of NFT can get acquainted with all the privileges by logging into his unique Chotto Matte digital wallet. As soon as they choose a gift, the team will contact them to clarify all the details.

Accordingly, the NFT “The Founder” will be released at midnight from April 4th to 5th.

To celebrate the launch, the brand will hold a grand event. There, collectors with an Industry or Whale pass will have access to the finest Nikkei dishes. What’s more, the brand will also offer a “bitcoin-inspired cocktail” made with 12-year-old Japanese Hakushu whiskey and a flammable BTC dollar bill.

Notably, visitors will only be able to use Bitcoin to pay for these experiences. You can join the event by booking a table at Chotto Matte Miami Beach on April 5th from 5pm.

Hospitality NFT Niche Grows

Lately we have seen many establishments in the hospitality industry welcome the NFT. For example, Lion’s Milk, a New York-based coffee shop, has begun displaying NFTs on its walls. And the Mexican-themed restaurant chain Bodega Taqueria y Tequila accepts cryptocurrency payments in all its establishments!

Of course, giants like Marriott also joined the NFT a few months ago. The luxury hotel chain’s Marriott Bonvoy program released its own collectibles during the Miami Beach Art Basel show. Now the restaurant chain Chotto Matte is ready to embrace this trend.

“Innovation is the foundation of our brand; from menu to design, we are always looking to push the boundaries,” says Kurt Zdesar, CEO of Chotto Matte. “After great success in the US, Europe and Canada, the cryptocurrency space is another market I want to explore. This is the future and there is so much more to do!”

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