Coinbase and Mastercard will allow you to buy NFT using bank cards

Mastercard announced the launch of an NFT marketplace

Coinbase and payments giant Mastercard have announced a joint initiative to make it easier to buy NFTs on the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange marketplace.

According to the press release, the collaboration between the two companies will make buying non-fungible tokens on the platform using Mastercard cards as easy as “purchasing a T-shirt online.”

“Coinbase wants to simplify the user experience so that more people can join the NFT community. We have helped millions access Bitcoin for the first time in an easy and secure way, and we want to do the same for NFTs,” the cryptocurrency exchange said in a statement.

The company announced the launch of the NFT marketplace in October 2021. The platform will allow users to produce and sell digital items. At the same time, the company opened an entry on the waiting list. According to The Block, more than a million people have already applied.

Recall that in November 2021, Mastercard announced the launch of debit, credit and prepaid payment cards linked to bitcoin in the Asia-Pacific region.

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