ColassalBit, developed by NET, launches a mixed reality lounge restaurant MetaTerrace

ColassalBit, a blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT development company, is launching MetaTerrace, a lounge/restaurant inspired by the Metaverse, in Dubai. MetaTerrace will combine digital and physical reality, allowing users to experience immersion in the nature of Metaverse. Meta Terrace opens today.

Metaterrace will be located in Central Park Towers in the Dubai International Financial Center. Metaterrace will have its own virtual reality room, which will create a Metaverse-style experience for users. This experience will allow people to visit new worlds, have a drink (virtually) and talk to others about the world of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, on December 30, MetaTerrace will hold an inaugural event, including live music and other surprises. The event will be broadcast on Ibiza Global Radio, allowing others to share the magic of the event without leaving home.

NFT and Metaverse for ColassalBit – huge potential

Similarly, Metaterrace wants to become the central figure of the Dubai crypto scene. Ciro Arianna, co-founder and CEO of Metaterrace and ColassalBit, commented on the new ColassalBit company:

“With a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline, combined with the ability to make transactions and reservations in most cryptocurrencies and blue-chip NFT, MetaTerrace has all the prerequisites to become the center of the Dubai crypto scene, where enthusiasts and innovators can launch their projects, hold meetings and maintain the spirit of the community.”

As a result, ColassalBit considers Metaterrace as a way to expand and innovate in the field of NFT and cryptocurrencies. Similarly, the company views NFT and Metaverse as industries with huge potential. Christian Chalfun, technical director of ColassalBit, said:

”If anything, NFT and Metaverse are just the tip of the iceberg; we have not yet seen their full potential and the impact they will have on our future,” said Christian Chalfun, technical director of ColossalBit and Kaloscope.

ColassalBit is actively exploring the metaverse
Metaterrace is not ColassalBit’s first attempt to explore the Metaverse and NFT. ColassalBit was one of the first companies to invest in Kaloscope, a social metaverse, and create an AR NFT mural.

Kaloscope is a platform that allows users to interact with NFT via VR, AR and XR. In addition, Kaloscope allows users to own the Metaverse space, which simplifies the exchange of NFT collections. The platform also allows users to earn real rewards using Meta-races.

Overall, ColassalBit is a leader in Metaverse and NFT technologies. Metaterrace is just one example of this. In the future, it should be expected that the company will invest in more Metaverse projects as the market continues to expand.

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