Crypto investor Gary Vaynerchuk: “Almost all NFTs will be reset”

The creator of a series of non-fungible tokens, Vee Friends, is confident that people’s perception of NFT will soon change, and 98% of projects will lose value.

Crypto investor and creator of unique tokens, Gary Vaynerchuk, said that as soon as the general NFT craze subsides, people will begin to take such tokens more calmly, and this could mean zeroing almost all current projects.

“In the future, people will stop talking about NFTs as NFTs and start looking at the core of the technology. Instead of getting hung up on the term, we will ask: “What is the benefit for me of this or that digital object?” Vaynerchuk warns.

The crypto investor has in mind that NFTs could be used as a vaccination certificate or concert ticket in the near future. That is, to become the most ordinary thing.

Vaynerchuk himself earned more than $50 million dollars on his Vee Friends tokens. Now one NFT from this collection costs about 13.25 ETH ($41,000).

Last year, a crypto investor compared NFTs to the dot-com bubble that inflated and collapsed in 1995-2000. Tech stocks were selling at a huge price – even before the real technologies that the companies offered began to turn a profit.

“In March 2000, when all those overpriced Internet stocks collapsed, Amazon dropped to seven or eight dollars a share. The same thing will happen in the NFT space,” says Vaynerchuk.

At the beginning of last year, Bloomberg analysts published a report in which they stated that the demand for the purchase of collectible tokens is rapidly declining.

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