Visa’s head of cryptocurrency, Qui Sheffield, said that investing in cryptocurrency has gotten a lot cooler thanks to an influx of creatives drawn by the booming NFT sector.

On the first day of the Singapore Fintech Festival, Sheffield stated that a “whole new class” of users has become interested in cryptocurrencies, as NFTs attract people with a wide range of interests such as music, art and culture.

Sheffield shared: “Cryptocurrency is becoming iconic, it is becoming cool. It used to be that if you invest in cryptocurrencies, you are kind of weird. ”

Possibilities with NFT technology

Sheffield believes that the amalgamation of the entertainment sectors with NFT technology will lead to crypto wallets as a kind of “super-application” for discovering new content, rather than just a way to store digital assets.

Sheffield also believes that “the ability to track and use a digital asset across multiple environments could mean exciting new opportunities in ticketing, game music, arts and more.”

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