Deep Dive Into Era7: Game Of Truth, A Collectible NFT Card Game To Make Money

Era7’s “Game Of Truth” joins GameFi and offers players moderately competitive entertainment to earn money.

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the definition of the gaming industry by introducing an economic incentive model. The metaverse is currently an industry that is estimated to have a $ 300 billion market cap by 2025. As the industry continues to expand, earnings games like Era7 have come to the fore, bringing new and exciting innovations to the gaming sector. …

Gaming platform with NFT function

Era7 is a gaming platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that combines TCG (card games) with dynamic competitive gameplay and also includes NFT-style game-for-money features.

With GameFi and the NFT-based economy at the heart of the Era7 product offering, the project aims to further drive innovation, allowing players to experience the euphoria of gameplay and capitalize on the economic value that GameFi has to offer.

So far, Era7 has received strategic investment and support from renowned venture capitalists, industry heavyweights, and organizations in the blockchain industry, including Hashkey, Huobi Ventures, Okcoin, Binary Capital, DAG, Waterdrip, Dreamseeker, BTC12, Tembusu, and Mobox. Era7’s supporters and partners are strategically aligned with the gaming platform’s vision and mission, bringing the industry expertise and valuable connections needed to position Era7 as the foremost platform for NFT-powered card games.

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