DEEPSPACE Launches BSC-Based NFT Game in the Metaverse

DEEPSPACE (DPS), a platform marketed as an emerging revolutionary platform, aims to create an expansive P2E game that solves the problems in the Binance Smart (BSC) chain. DEEPSPACE: “We’re all gamers and we’re going to build a game that engages all players,” an element that is often “missing from most of the current generation of blockchain games.”

NFT games from DEEPSPACE

DEEPSPACE (DPS) offers several games that they think will be truly addictive for players, including the ability to customize in-game assets, explore a new universe, and fight other players. DEEPSPACE (DPS) invites players to capture their own starship and explore the galaxy. Users will have the ability to mine, build, fight, or add customizations to their ship. Any changes made could be for value-added purposes or strategic ones to increase their chances in battle.

However, the DEEPSPACE (DPS) platform shares that the NFT market will be the first aspect of the game’s launch. In the marketplace, players can buy and sell land, weapons, spacecraft and other items to help them explore the platform. Players can gain value as they progress through the game and grow their characters. The marketplace is integrated with the rest of the DEEPSPACE (DPS) platform to provide a quick connection to like-minded item seekers to help them advance in the metaverse game. Besides exploration, players can also engage in combat scenarios, including player versus player (PvP) and player versus enemy (PvE). In PvP scenarios, users can fight each other with the intention of earning rare resources, areas, or other desirable locations in the solar system.

The DEEPSPACE Universe (DPS) consists of several different planets, each subdivided to create an in-game property. The sale of real estate will be carried out through an auction on the market, prices depend on their size and the frequency of resource updates. In addition, properties can be transferred through market campaigns or randomly to ensure that an equal balance of property owners is maintained. Any real estate purchased will also double as a function of the metaverse game, as any in-game landowners can earn payment from guests collecting resources on their planets.

The DEEPSPACE (DPS) team believes in allowing gamers to have full ownership of all of their in-game assets. As a result, players are encouraged to continue to participate in the gaming economy, which will continue to create and add value to other players and investors. Since launching the token on August 23rd, a team of over 20 team members have done a huge amount of work on DEEPSPACE game mechanics (DPS), infrastructure, asset design, 3D modeling, concept design, metauniverse knowledge, community and tokenomics.

The alpha version of the metaverse of the game will launch in the week of December 27 on the testnet with subsequent additional releases. The team plans to continually build and expand the DEEPSPACE Metaverse (DPS) over the next year and beyond.

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