Digi Pieces V1 by Donnie Fresher

The digital collection is replete with a variety of colors. According to Kndinsky’s theory, each color has a psycho-emotional characteristic, and also creates visual pseudo-effects of movement, distance and approximation.

The artwork from the collection is fresh and will decorate any home (a hut in British Columbia or a bungalow in the Maldives).

Biblical stories, urbanism, suprematism and personalization. We’ll find this in the elements of the collection.

Some works are animated, but artistically inactive (So Non Fungi)

Others are static, but full of expression and color dynamics (Instant Gladification).

Personalization works well in the works of the artist

As one well-known NFT collector VVD told me: I don’t really like animated NTFs …
This collection, in our opinion, comes from different styles. And it is definitely necessary to transfer animation to other collections. Leave the static, which is full of movement on its own.

Financially a collection with good growth and resale potential. This is real art.

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