Vyking will use NFT technology

Vyking, a leading provider of augmented reality technology for trying on clothes from major fashion brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Under Armor, New Balance and Crocs, has announced the launch of a new digital collection app called “flex”. To do this, she will use NFT technology. Flex will launch on the Block/Space digital playground on Tezos, where those lucky enough to see culture being created in the metaverse. All you need to do is enter the site, create an animated character and try on clothes, as well as new NFT sneakers provided specifically for platform users.

Vyking with NFT technology will allow you to virtually try on clothes

Vyking allows you to virtually try on clothes and shoes, providing the latest augmented reality and 3D technologies. They help visualize the product on itself. As part of the cooperation and creation of a new project, Vyking representatives declare:

“We’ve been working in augmented reality for many years now and it’s the best way for us to enhance the people and places around us by adding layers of art and features on top of the human experience. Just as the clothes you wear in real life tell who you are and how you feel, so too will digital fashion evolve in the metaverse.”

The Bock/Space metaverse will feature a range of sneaker collections from creators such as Johwska, Finn Rush-Taylor Studio and Monument on the Flex platform. NFT owners will be able to showcase their fashion shoes or other “Instagrammable” digital fashion items on social media for full disclosure, according to the platform.

“The world around us is rapidly changing as cultural development continues to keep pace with the pace of technological development. We at Vyking saw a unique opportunity to use our proven augmented reality technology, which provides this experience for leading brands, in a user- and creator-centric app. It combines real property and augmented reality with the expanding world of digital fashion. flex is a revolution in digital fashion and we are thrilled to play our part in bringing this creativity to life,” concludes Vyking.

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