Digital Horizon Launches NFT Unisex Venture Clothing Collection

Digital Horizon, together with designer Alexander Kurmanin and NFT artist Pavel Kharitonov, has released a collection of digital clothing New Age of Venture, the company’s press service said. The unisex imagery created for the venture capitalists of the future is digitized in NFT (non-fungible token) format.

NFT copies of the New Age of Venture collection

Most of the NFT copies of the New Age of Venture collection will be presented to investors and partners of Digital Horizon. The rest of the collection is sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. In addition, a light version of the collection can be “tried on” through a special chatbot developed by Texel.

“In this project, we created models that combined capabilities such as thermoregulation, gadget control and smart home use with gestures. All this is already in our costumes, “said Alexander Kurmanin.

The New Age of Venture capsule collection from Digital Horizon and Alexander Kurmanin includes five models.

Venture warrior – protecting against digital threats and caring for the health of the wearer.

  • A strict jacket with wide shoulders speaks of the confidence and reliability of its owner. The material is a nanocrystalline grid made by etching. Full protection of the identity of the user and his gadgets from fraudulent software.
  • The shirt is made of gala pixels and can display information like a screen. It also has biometric sensors on its surface that provide an accurate assessment of a person’s physical condition.
  • The pants have a built-in motherboard that acts like a portable server and lets you work from anywhere in the world.

The Unicorn whisperer is a computer jumpsuit to make your daily tasks easier.

  • The entire jumpsuit is essentially a large portable server capable of handling up to 3TB of data per second.
  • The sensors on the sleeves (red mesh) are used to identify the user via CyberID – the most reliable technology of the future. You no longer need to remember passwords.

Green factor – minimalism and environmental responsibility.

  • The jacket is equipped with a wearable power generator that additionally cleans the air.
  • The air enters through the slots in the jacket, passes the purification system and is transformed into electrical discharges. Batteries are built into the trousers, which collect and store the received electricity.

Exoscout is a modular design for any weather.

  • Technologies in every detail: from weaving threads in the “Hackathon” fabric (protects against any natural or man-made impact) and ending with the new BiPlastBlock lining material, which adapts to the person and creates an individual microclimate.
  • The sleeves of the sweater contain microcomputers, which are responsible for the correct functioning of the entire suit. All items can be combined.

Neo normcore – maximum comfort based on environmentally friendly materials and high technologies.

  • Comfortable soybean and recycled paper knit fabric protects the finest wires and sensors that monitor pressure and moisture.
  • On the back are functional printed circuit boards. They allow you to expand memory or, for example, add improved optics.

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