Doge Capital Announces Doge NFT Rate Program

Recently, the most popular membrane cryptocurrency and the dog, which it is dedicated to, remains without the attention of the community. Concerned developers paid attention to this problem and decided to join the NFT industry to attract the interest of the audience. Exclusive NFT Doge Capital will pay the attention of the community, and at the same time will allow owners of non-violent tokens to receive remuneration.

Woofdao dog club NFT

Doge Capital, NFT collection at the Solana blockchain, released a limited amount of tokens. Each of them is a pixel image of a size of 24 × 24. In total, 5,000 NFT entered the exclusive collection. To join the Doge Capital Woof Club, the user must have at least one of these NFT. The uniqueness of each tokeny and its artistic representation is provided by the use of a generative coding, when a computer program creates random variations, making each part unique.

Doge Capital offers a bid program in which these NFTs can find good use. The rates will lead to a stable flow of income through the output of the service token DOGE CAPITAL DAWG. In addition, the DOGE Capital platform will also support its users by purchasing other non-violent tokens. Each NFT acquired by Doge Capital will be placed in the Woofbank community wallet. Since users will keep Doge NFT and Dawg, they will be the true owners of the bank.

Doge NFT. How can I bet?

Although Dawg is a platform service token, it is already registered on Raydium and Dexlab. Tocken is liquid and, therefore, suitable for DOGE Capital users. When Staying is active, users can go to the Steaking section on the Doge Capital website and decide which Doge NFT they would like to use. Bet 1 DOGE NFT means a reward in the form of DAWG token in the amount of $ 5 per day, while the distribution of NFT will mean 1 dollar DAWG per day.

To get a reward, it is required that the user performs both. After the rate becomes farming, 1 disassembled token will be burned, and this will not affect Doge NFT. Thus, users will bet on longer periods and ensure the stability of the DAWG token. Doge Capital will continue to abandon additional NFT so that users can burn the dropped NFT if they want to get their awards several times.

Tokenomika Doge Capital Woof Club

The total amount of DAWG is 30 million tokens. Coverage offer – 1.5 million. It is worth noting, the working proposal will remain unchanged until the rate is made.

The distribution of 30 million tokens is as follows:

  • 1% – Airdrop for Doge Capital holders, which deleted their doge from shopping areas;
  • 5% – initial liquidity on Raydium;
  • 10% – reserve liquidity (liquidity will be added to the pool in the future);
  • 10% – the team and advisors (will be distributed monthly within 20 months. Thus, the distribution per month is only 0.5%);
  • 14% – marketing;
  • 60% – remuneration for Staying.

Doge Capital reports that it believes in virtue of people, and Woofdao is created for this. DAO will allow users as a community to decide how to move on. For example, should users eliminate NFT in Woofbank or distribute them among themselves? The decision will be accepted by them. Dawg offers exclusive access to future events and DOGE CAPITAL activities, including limited products. Tocken acts as a means of exchange in the Doge Capital ecosystem and will be the only way to pay for various services offered and products.

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