Doodles Join Crypto Gods on NFT Olympus

2022 is takeoff time for NFT

2022 was predicted to be a takeoff time for NFTs, and it is. While the rest of the crypto world is in a bit of a depression, non-playable tokens continue to rise in value.

Doodles is one of the projects most confident in a brighter tomorrow. In less than a month, their 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs made it to the most desirable rankings. Considering that the price floor reached 11+ ETH and the volume of sales in the market broke the record of 50 thousand Ethereum, NFT Doodles are considered to be completely successful.

What’s more, Doodles even managed to capitalize on the never-ending monkey uptrend by selling a rare Golden Ape Doodle for around US$1.1 million! Doodles NFT Collectibles have blasted into 2022 at supersonic speeds and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down!

Pranksy, DJ Steve Aoki, avid NFT collector Snoop Dog and other crypto whales have already joined the Doodles NFT family.

But this is not the end! In February, happy owners of Doodles will have another cool promotion. All NFT holders will get an amazing opportunity to mint Space Doodles for free!

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