DraftKings Partnership with NFLPA to Allow Group to Gamify NFT in 2022

DraftKings, one of the world’s largest and best-known bookmakers, is entering the NTF world through a partnership with the National Football Players Association (NFLPA). New NFTs featuring sports players will appear on the company’s website for the 2022/23 NFL season.

NFT is a new beginning for DraftKings

DraftKings inc, a renowned fantasy sports brand, has partnered with the NFLPA to launch NFTs. One Team Partners, NFLPA’s licensing partner, announced this on Tuesday. The NFTs will launch on the DraftKings website for the 2022/23 NFL season and will include key sports players.

In addition, in the future, NTF can be gamified, which will give people the opportunity to use them in games, they can be sold on marketplaces and bought.

The partnership between DraftKings and the NFLPA began a long time ago. Earlier this year, DraftKings announced a partnership with Polygon to help scale and deploy blockchain solutions. Thus, DraftKing has long been preparing to dive into the NTF space.

This is an interesting step from the side of a sports bookmaker company. Her decision to implement NFT is likely driven by her desire to stay ahead of the competition. Flutter Entertainment is another bookmaker trying to break into NFT. Her partnership with the NFLPA will help strengthen her position in the NFT space.

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