Dubai police to launch new NFT collection

The Dubai Police have received thousands of positive reviews for their first collection of non-fungible tokens and have announced plans to launch a second one.

The interest shown by the public in the first collection is recognized as huge: almost 23 million people became interested in the project, and the police received 7,000 messages from those wishing to purchase NFT. The second collection will be showcased at the annual GITEX information technology exhibition in October this year, Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director of the Dubai Police AI General Directorate, said:

“All participants were contacted to verify digital wallet addresses, and those who met the requirements were shortlisted for a lottery draw, of which 150 people won and received Dubai Police digital assets for free.”

Dubai police to launch new NFT collection

The director suggested that, just like with the first NFT collection, people outside the country will also get the opportunity to own the new collection of Dubai Police tokens without paying anything.

After releasing its first collection, the Dubai Police reportedly became the first government organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and one of the first in the world to mint NFTs.

Earlier, Dubai authorities announced their intention to enter the top 10 countries with a developed metauniverse industry. The strategy advances Dubai’s ambition to support over 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.

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