Ecommerce Giant Reveals NFT

JD Technology is offering free NFTs to people who subscribe to its conference.

Tech division has revealed its technology and plans to swap tokens, following in the footsteps of rival Alibaba.

JD Technology is offering seven free limited editions of NFTs built on its own NFT chain to commemorate the annual JD Discovery conference, according to a WeChat post on its official account.

NFT Maintenance Platform Details

NFTs, the first JDs, are minted and issued on JD Technology’s own blockchain called JD Chain. The company has developed an “NFT Maintenance Platform” on which users can store, check, distribute and track NFT collections.

In August, Tencent and Alibaba launched their own NFT platforms.

Seven NFTs feature the mascot, each representing one of the company’s key sectors; retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, finance and smart cities.

One NFT will be provided free of charge to anyone who subscribes to the company’s Discovery conference between October 19 and November 22.

If they invite more people to participate, they can collect more NFTs to form a complete set.

The seven NFTs will not be released after November 22, but users will be able to transfer them to others.

According to the post, JD plans to leverage its NFT platform for copyright protection, public welfare, art collecting and e-commerce.

JD Technology, formerly JD Digits, is the technical development department of, one of China’s largest e-commerce applications. JD Technology works with blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, healthcare and cloud services.

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