Exodus Announces the Launch of the NFT Marketplace

Leading cryptocurrency platform Exodus has unveiled plans to launch the NFT trading platform.

Exodus plans to launch the NFT trading platform.

The plan includes creating an NFT gallery and integrating the Solana NFT site into their mobile app. If this launch proceeds as planned, it will be the first native Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace in a mobile wallet. Users of this marketplace will have some advantage if they agree to store and view NFTs in the Exodus app. In addition, users will also be able to send and receive NFT Solana in the Exodus app.

It is worth noting that simplifying the NFT transaction process was made possible in part by Exodus’ partnership with Solana NFT’s leading marketplace, Magic Eden. Through this partnership, the company is able to offer its users the ability to view, search and sort NFTs from the comfort of their Exodus wallet. In addition, users also have the ability to buy and sell NFTs while in the wallet. The Solana NFT ecosystem is attractive to the Exodus user base due to its low transaction fees. Currently, more than 190 projects have been created on its basis, and new ones appear every day.

Exodus CEO and co-founder J.P. Richardson praises the company’s efforts to launch an NFT marketplace with user-friendly features:

“We are the first to offer in-app buying and selling capabilities for NFTs powered by Magic Eden. NFTs are a new asset class and we are committed to helping our clients streamline the process of buying, selling and holding their NFTs as the industry continues to grow. In addition, our new NFT Gallery will make the world of cryptocurrencies more accessible to all Exodus customers. ”

Users will be required to use SOL when buying and selling NFTs. However, Exodus has simplified the process so that users can receive SOL directly from their wallets and pay for the FTX exchange.

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