Fashion brand Louis Vuitton launches mobile game with NFT integration

According to Austrian media reports, French fashion brand Louis Vuitton celebrates the 200th anniversary of the legendary founder of the company on August 4, 2021 with the release of the smartphone game Louis – The Game. A character with a floral company logo travels through the history of the brand. In doing so, he must perform various tasks.
As the first screenshots show, the game world is very colorful. Fashion magazine WWD promises gamers to integrate NFT into the game. It is still completely unclear what this should be done. Beginning August 4, 2021, Louis – The Game will be available as a free download on the Apple app and Google Play stores.

Fashion brands are becoming more tech-savvy

For Louis Vuitton, this game is just a fraction of what the fashion house has planned for its birthday. In addition to the game, Apple TV will feature documentaries, artwork, and many social media events.
Louis Vuitton borrows ideas from Gucci, which sells digital items in the Roblox block game, and Vogue, which launched a virtual fashion series with Gigi Hadid. Clearly, more and more fashion brands are recognizing the meaningful connection between virtuality and reality that can be used to reach a young, tech-savvy audience.

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