FC Barcelona reveal plans for NFT collection

FC Barcelona enters the metaverse. The football club revealed its plans to create a meta version and NFT, which cannot but please football fans. Earlier this week, club president Joan Laporta announced his intention to create a Barcelona metaverse.

During his speech at Mobile World Congress, Laporta detailed Barcelona’s digital plans for the future.

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Barcelona Football Club is one of the biggest football clubs in the world with millions of fans around the world. Going to the stadium, called the Camp Nou, is considered a football pilgrimage. Moreover, fans come there every year to see the stadium with a capacity of 99,000 people in all its glory.

This famous football team from Catalonia is exploring how technology can provide opportunities for growth. The club uses virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) to entertain fans. The move has proven to be very successful, especially with worldwide travel restrictions over the past two years.

Now FC Barcelona is working on the creation of the metaverse and the NFT collection. In his keynote speech, Laporta told conference attendees, “We want to grow our meta, our NFTs, and all these new businesses that are popping up in our world.”

In the past few years, the Barcelona football club has been experiencing financial difficulties. Last season they lost their most outstanding player and possibly the best player in the history of football, Lionel Messi. This was a direct result of the existing financial structure.

Finally, financial rewards are not the only reason why football clubs enter the NFT and the metaverse. The connection between football fans and their team is fantastic. With the help of available technologies, it is possible to unite them even more.

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