Five decentralized platforms where you can play and earn with NFT

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has begun to embrace the blockchain gaming industry. Now, on these platforms, you can not only play, but also collect rewards as NFTs in order to receive more income in the future. Let’s discuss the most promising DeFi gaming platforms that use these technologies.

Bunicorn introduced a new model for liquidity mining: instead of transferring rewards directly to users, they are wrapped in NFT collectibles. Unlike items on other platforms, they contain tokens with a limited lifetime, which prevents them from being dropped immediately after purchase from the mining pool.

Users can convert NFT collectibles to BUNI tokens after their expiration date. In addition, they can sell NFTs or put them up for auction on other marketplaces, and also make them liquid. If it’s not yet expired, the NFT collectible can be sold at a discount.

Decentralized exchange with NFT

Bunicorn also offers its own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with Automated Market Makers (AMM). It allows you to receive unique rewards with a limited lifetime through pools and liquidity mining that are wrapped in tradable NFTs. Bunicorn also has its own token – this is BUNI.

With BUNI, you can earn staking rewards. To earn it, you need to collect part of the income from commissions on the Bunicorn decentralized exchange. BUNI holders can also participate in platform governance, such as voting on protocol updates.


MOBOX uses a unique infrastructure and combines DeFi, gaming and NFT. At the same time, users have access to liquidity pools for NFT farming. This makes it possible to build the best strategies for generating income and generate unique NFTs that are used in various games and networks. The platform itself is based on Binance Smart Chain.

Users can store stablecoins on the Binance Smart Chain or choose from eight liquidity pools. Smart contracts allow you to automatically calculate income. By using pools, you can access other chains. Chests with unique NFTs attract more rewards.

One key is needed to open the chest and get tokens. After that, the NFT can be automatically put on the platform, which opens the Mbox tokens, which provide access to platform management. Each NFT has a mining power that depends on its uniqueness and allows the owner to receive more rewards.

Zookeeper with NFT

Zookeeper is a decentralized income pharming app built on Wanchain. The goal of its developers is to make farming fun and profitable. At the moment, Zookeeper allows you to simultaneously receive ZOO and WASP tokens, as well as use NFT.

Pulsar farm with NFT

Pulsar Farm is a DeFi game powered by Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Since its launch, it has gained great popularity: up to $ 7 million have been recorded in smart contracts in more than a thousand active wallets. Pulsar Farm brings together revenue farming, gamification and NFT support.

In the Pulse arena, you can purchase alien pets as NFTs and use them in PvP (player versus player) games. Victory raises the level of the pet, and the reward depends on how many times the enemy has been beaten in a row. If you get to the top of the leaderboard, you can get additional BNT tokens. with NFT

The BASED Protocol is a DeFi game with the ability to farm income. The platform is built around the Ampleforth economic policy and the Yearn Finance distribution engine. It is governed by the BASED token and a set of rules governing transactions.

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