Freeverse will introduce a new generation of “live” NFTs

First “live” NFTs

Spanish startup Freeverse is about to develop the world’s first “live” NFTs that will evolve over time.

The firm will open a platform for issuing non-fungible next-generation tokens, which will change in accordance with the set parameters under certain conditions, for example, after some events in life or a game. Modification of NFTs will depend on the actions of their owners, so an ordinary coin can be turned into a rare one and earn on its sale.

The value of “live” digital assets will depend on the methods of their use, and not on ordinary speculation. This means that they will enable companies to create a more equitable and sustainable business model. Therefore, we believe that our product will become a key element in the emerging Web3 sector,” said Freeverse CEO Alun Evans.

Freeverse recently raised $10.5 million in funding from early bird ventures Venture Capital and Target Global. Freeverse plans to spend the proceeds on product development and marketing.

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