Future NFT Game Parallel Raises $ 50 Million for Development

The upcoming science fiction-themed card game Parallel has joined the explosive growth of blockchain projects.

The past investment round was led by the Paradigm fund, investing $ 50 million in the project, despite the fact that currently the NFT project does not yet have a ready-made game element.

What is the Trading Volume for gaming NFTs?

The trading volume of gaming NFTs currently exceeds $ 125 million, with the most expensive card being sold for $ 1.1 million. Parallel charges 10% of each transaction, which means that the project has already received $ 12.5 million in ETH.

Venture fund Paradigm, which boasts a broad portfolio of blockchain investments such as UniSwap, Maker and Chainalysis, was impressed by Parallel’s “unique approach” and upbeat community.

Along with Paradigm, other investors participated: Gabe Laydon, Polygon and NFTBigBrain.

To delight fans and celebrate the event, the project released a special collection of “Paradigm Shift” cards on October 22nd.

The plot of the project is tied to the conflict between the five groups, or parallels, in the distant future.

The game concept is that players will have to build a deck of NFT cards in parallel. They can only contain cards of the same parallel, however players will own multiple decks.

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