Gala brings the film industry to the Web3 space

The leading company in the field of games and music on the blockchain, Gala, announced the launch of the Gala Film division, thereby paving the way for the film industry into the Web3 space. In addition, the company announced a collaboration with the production company Stick Figure Productions.

The first feature will be Four Down, a feature-length documentary directed by Stephen Cantor based on the New York Times bestseller Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler and Jer Longman.

Gala brings the film industry to the Web3 space

In addition, Gala Film announced upcoming collaborations. For example, partnership with Ai&Aiko. The Gala Film platform will feature Peter Richard’s simple visual storytelling. Partnership with director and actor David Bianchi. The sci-fi series “Razor” will be created exclusively on the blockchain. Partnership with Battle Island in the production of the animated series “Ghosts of the Ruins”. As well as a series of short films “Making the Chronic”, where Snoop Dogg will talk about each of the tracks of his album, released through Gala Music.

The main advantage of the Gala Film platform will be the Watch and Earn mechanic, with which users can earn NFTs. They will also take part in the content they consume, control their entertainment through digital ownership, and support new projects through script or casting voting.

Directors and actors can also control the rights to their work, thanks to a deeper connection with the audience and the ability to distribute their content directly to people who want to watch it.

The company has already noted that the launch of Gala Film marks the beginning of a new era in Web3 entertainment.

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