Game Space will send NFTs to Steam players

Game Space has announced that it will be launching an NFT giveaway for “One Billion Steam Players”. Thus, the company wants to thank users for their attention and interest.

In order to access the new offers, users will need to download the Game Space Wallet app, log in, link their Steam account to the home page, and click a button to receive the reward. An important point is the time of registration of the user’s Steam account.

Game Space will send NFTs to Steam players

Absolutely every Steam user can get a commemorative NFT that cannot be resold. Steam users registered for less than one year can earn a bronze badge. Those registered for one to two years can receive a Bronze Badge and a Level1 Merge Bird NFT. Two to three years – Silver Badge and Level2 Merge Bird NFT. From three years old – a gold badge and Level3 Merge Bird NFT.

Game Space will soon launch more options for badge holders. For example, a whitelist for future Game Space releases, exclusive subscriptions, NFT airdrops, and more.

With this initiative, Game Space hopes to connect Steam with its platform, opening up the Web3 world to every traditional gamer, as well as being the first stop for gamers in the Web3 world. Players will be able to freely switch between applications on different platforms.

Game Space aims to help game companies that are looking to enter the Web3 space. To do this, the company offers a full range of technical and marketing support.

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