GameFi NEXTYPE Lists Its Own Token on Huobi Global

NEXTYPE, a leading distributor of integrated blockchain games, recently announced the listing of its NT token on one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Huobi. To mark the occasion, NEXTYPE will be hosting a series of events with million dollar prizes.

GameFi NEXTYPE Lists Its Own Token on Huobi Global and Signs an Exclusive NFT Agreement with Hanazawa Kana

As this continues, the platform will focus on its ambitious plans to further develop its infrastructure, offer high-quality blockchain game distribution and incubate its own GameFi and NFTFi products, and provide players with enjoyable gaming and earning opportunities. All of this aims to achieve a vision of inspiration for the endless potential of blockchain games that have to offer players around the world.

It is noteworthy that the total volume of NT tokens is 1 billion units, of which 100 million are currently in circulation. Huobi became the first exchange to list a token, demand for which resulted in a 100% profit and a new all-time high within five minutes of trading. Most of the platform tokens will be allocated for future green building and community development. NEXTYPE has clarified the rules for unlocking these tokens.

What’s more, NEXTYPE has entered into an exclusive NFT authorization agreement with Hanazawa Kana, a well-known voice actress in Japan and around the world. The platform is now authorized to issue and trade 108 exclusive NFT actresses. All NFTs will be based on the in-game benefits of the NEXTYPE. The first batch of these NFTs will be released in the near future, and their total cost is expected to exceed a million dollars.

Further development includes updating the NEXTYPE brand strategy to achieve its long-term goals. Currently, the platform employs over 300,000 players. He insists on achieving both economic and gaming goals with his products. His first game, MiningTycoon, was ranked # 1 in DappRadar’s New Games section.

NEXTYPE plans to release two in-house games soon, namely NEO FANTASY and Maiden Des Dragon, in addition to a number of co-op games. Next year, NEXTYPE will reach important milestones. These include the completion of infrastructure construction, product updates and advertising.

For its first game, MiningTycoon, NEXTYPE is planning an initial game offering (IGO) alongside the creation of dedicated IGO mining pools for the game. NEXTYPE hosts intergovernmental cooperative game organizations for NT holders to enable them to cost-effectively purchase their own game tokens. It also enables them to make cost-effective and efficient investments and to participate in a variety of joint ventures.

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