Gamers see NFT games on the blockchain as a full-time job

NFT – a way to earn money

Despite the drop in the price of non-fungible tokens, NFT games remain popular as more people see them as a potential way to make a living.

In a survey conducted in the Philippines, 32% of respondents said they would quit or consider leaving if NFT gaming became the equivalent of a full-time job. John Stephanides, CEO of gaming platform NFT Balthazar, said he was “not surprised by the results”:

Many are ready to quit other jobs and devote themselves to NFT games, since here they can earn as much, if not more.

Filipino gamer Jesús Dawal Jr disagrees with this opinion, stating that rewards are not big enough:

There is no doubt that blockchain gaming is a revolutionary concept, but at the moment it is not enough to support, at least personally, financially.

At the same time, he is ready to change his mind if the ecosystem develops successfully in the future.

The head of the gaming organization YGG Pilipinas, Luis Buenaventura, agrees that it is only fair to talk about the emergence of a trend when people change their jobs to gaming.

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) 2021 report showed that NFT games generated more than $2 billion in revenue in the 3rd quarter of the year. According to the BGA, this is approximately 22% of NFT trading volume.

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