GameStop has opened a vacancy for an analyst with experience in the blockchain and NFT field

The American chain of stores of computer games GameStop declares itself again. Apparently, the company wants to join the new cryptocurrency trend, as evidenced by the firm’s vacancy. The video game store chain is looking for an IT professional with knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT.
GameStop, which has seen its shares skyrocket in value in the winter thanks to a campaign from media platform Reddit, announced on April 8 that it is looking for an IT security analyst who understands blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In addition to the above knowledge, Gamestop, as expected, also requires experience in the e-commerce and video games segment.

Gamestop wants to change the business model

The vacancy announcement is another indicator of change that is starting at Gamestop. With its traditional sales model, chain stores cannot compete in the video game market. Ever since e-commerce savvy Ryan Cohen joined the company’s board of directors in January, all signs point to a shift in business to the internet. So Gamestop is also looking for a replacement for former CEO George Sherman. This specialist has had success in a typical offline store.
As such, the interest in NFT and blockchain, reflected in the recent job postings, is also linked to the planned reorganization of the company. The demand for specialists in this field is great throughout the sector. Gamestop could, for example, succeed with the idea of ​​creating an NFT for its own online platform. That would be nice considering that crypto fans are in the same target group as Gamestop’s Reddit investors. Finding an IT security professional demonstrates Gamestop’s serious and far-reaching ambition.

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